Rhody Survivalist: Tracking

Ok so I admit to not being a great tracker. To be really good it takes "dirt time" and my life has little if any "time" never mind "dirt time". So On this page I defer to others, namely Tom Brown Jr. of the Tracker School. The following links are from around the internet but they cover the world of tracking as I see it quite well. Most of the links are from wilwoodtracking.com which is a site dense with information.

NEW! I created this Tracking Quiz to help people Learn Clear-Print Indentification.

At Home In The Wilderness Part VII: Animal Tracking by Tom Brown Jr. with Brandt Morgan from Mother Earth News, Issue #77 : http://www.wildwoodtracking.com/men77/index.html

Track Compressions Pressure Releases and Pressure Release Systems, Part I by Tom Brown Jr. http://www.wildwoodtracking.com/compressions/trm2-23pg06.html

Track Compressions Pressure Release Study, Part II by Tom Brown, Jr. http://www.wildwoodtracking.com/compressions/trm3-1pg06.html

Track Compressions Pressure Release Study, Part III by Tom Brown Jr. http://www.wildwoodtracking.com/compressions/trm4-1pg05.html

Building a Tracking Box:http://www.wildwoodtracking.com/trackingbox/howtomake.html

Local Tracks:

RIHunts.com local track guide: